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Starscream Fight Begins (stylized STARSCREAM FIGHT BEGINS on the extras menu) is one of the three CG movies played in Antarctica. As the name suggests, the movie is played right before the first Starscream battle. It is the seventh CG movie in the game chronologically. This movie differs slightly depending on the player's character. Personally, this is my favorite CG movie in the whole game. If I ever get a chance to present this anywhere in some college multimedia class, I'll definitely do so.


The movie shows one of the half-cylinder shaped buildings depicted at the research center in actual gameplay. The building explodes, knocking back Optimus Prime/Red Alert/Hot Shot. Starscream slowly walks out of the building, then points at the player, as he says "Prepare for extermination!". He very quickly and straightly slides towards the player.

Game logic[edit]

The first Starscream battle at Antarctica cannot be started without going to the CG movie wall at least, and playing or skipping this movie. The movie only plays to begin the battle. After Starscream is defeated, "Starscream Fight Begins" appears in the extras menu, along with Antarctica - Introduction and Starscream Defeated, where it can be played as many times as the player wants.


  • STARSCREAM: Prepare for extermination!


There is very small and blurry text on the building that Starscream destroys in the movie. The only part that I can read is the red letters that say "NOTICE". The two lines of black I cannot read. If anyone knows what it says under "NOTICE", please add that here.